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The Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame was founded in 1962 to perpetuate the memory of athletes, male or female, who have brought lasting fame and recognition to the State of Pennsylvania through their athletic achievements.

The Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers who consider their work a labor of love.

The Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame was chartered in 1962. It is the only community based Hall of Fame in the Country and its present twenty-nine Chartered Chapters serve more than 300 communities throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Each year the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame inducts area greats of yesteryear and endeavors to include athletes, administrators, coaches and those involved in sports medicine and the sports media.  The Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame also honors the scholastic, collegiate, community service and courageous athlete awards within those communities.

From a group of more than 250 inductees and honorees each year, the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame concludes its calendar year with its annual business session and showcase. This Convention and Induction ceremonial seats ten living and two deceased inductees on it dais of Honor who are presented with a Gold Inductee medallion with pendant after a rigorous screening and selection process from a highly disciplined governing structure. The ceremonial is hosted on a rotating calendar among the chapters of its Western, Eastern, Northern and  Central Regions.

Perhaps one of its Past Presidents best summarized the philosophy of The Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame, when he responded to a media inquiry by saying:

"A Hall of Fame is a lot more than an overblown closet for some old relics. It is intended to be a repository for all things great about a sport - its moments, its men and women, its methods. Most of all it is supposed to be about Hall of Famers who define the quality of athletics, who lead the right kind of life, a life of integrity from which there is no compromise".

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